Servy Chief Experience Officer Jeff Livney comments on the significance of reaching ten million orders via the hospitality platform, and on why the new Servy Insights+ service will help the industry to better understand and react to consumer demand.

At Servy, we’ve come a long way since we started in 2014 as Grab, an app aimed at transforming digital commerce within the airport industry. We’ve since evolved to Servy – the enterprise self-service platform for hospitality – with omnichannel order and pay technology solutions, continuing to work with our partners to meet the ever-changing needs of their guests across the globe through innovative, seamless digital products.

Through strategic partnerships, adapting to new guest needs, and scaling quickly, Servy’s Airport Marketplace has since grown to be the largest airport ecommerce platform serving 80+ airports worldwide.

And this month we’re so thrilled to be celebrating an important milestone – reaching our ten millionth transaction! 

Doubling demand: The Servy platform hits ten million orders and plans further network expansion through new partnerships

It took five years to hit our five millionth transaction last October and in a year’s time we’ve been able to double that. By working with our partners in true collaboration, we’ve been able to create solutions that drive efficiencies for operators and address needs that ultimately improve the guest experience.

Jeff Livney: Towards a consumer-facing ecosystem in the travel journey space

While our products may have expanded and transactions grown significantly, one thing remains true – we believe technology should enhance the hospitality experience, not replace it. And our goal has always been to elevate the airport experience by providing efficient and stress-free ways to transact for food & beverage, retail, duty free and services. We’re pleased that Servy’s flexible solutions have helped our airport partners navigate a challenging time while enhancing the guest experience.

Today’s hospitality and retail guests want options that allow them to transact however they want, when and where they want. Our solutions give the flexibility to create a unique experience to fit one or many locations while managing everything through a single, simplified platform.

That said, as the breadth of our network has grown, we are entering a new era in the airport industry, moving towards a truly consumer-facing ecosystem in the travel journey space. The strength of our Servy network and distribution channels allow access to greater data and insights to drive the experience, tailored for the customer.

Leveraging these insights going forward allows us to do so much more based on what we know guests transacted in other airports, to curate the experience and drive a bespoke offering in the guest travel journey while gaining the network benefit of our 80+ airports.

Given the significant and rapidly growing data size achievable by Servy’s portfolio of airports and hospitality partners, the opportunity to create the first concessions-focused artificial intelligence (AI) capability leveraging machine learning at scale is now possible.

With the further development of our business intelligence tools including the launch of Servy Insights+, we can now start to drive predictive actions, plugging into our vast network to be able to reach the guest wherever they are; understand their day of travel better; and drive better metrics and performance for each of our individual airport programmes.

This is truly a ‘rising tides floats all boats’ moment for the industry, and we’re excited to engage our partners in this consumer insights revolution. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be quite powerful, but only when leveraged with a material and fast-growing data size. With this transactional milestone and escalating growth of the platform, the opportunities to learn, adapt and monetise in real time as an industry is now feasible.

As evidenced by our recent partnership announcement with Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, our global network only continues to grow and strengthen this effect. This level of engagement will help to create a progressive ecosystem of insights that move the entire network forward in incentivising and driving revenues.

As an industry, we have a lot of data on many transactions, but we’re not doing a whole lot today to leverage insights from them. That’s really where the evolution is going to be. As we continue to progress this network forward, we’re invested in continuously improving and expanding our platform; continuing to strengthen our business intelligence and insights; and, ultimately, delivering a user experience that optimises for guest satisfaction, operational efficiency and improved profitability.

It’s really our partners that have made this milestone and opportunity to leverage insights at scale possible – by bringing a growing network together across the industry – and we thank all of you for your belief in Servy and our team to meet the digital needs of your guests today and tomorrow.

To all of our hospitality partners innovating in the food & beverage category, to our new retail and duty free partners mentoring us in this new category, to our airport and developer partners with a continued belief in the opportunity of digital and the network benefits, to our brand partners entrusting our platform with your valuable brands and standards, to our distribution partners like airlines and other day-of-travel apps providing an audience for our capabilities… Thankyou! We couldn’t do this without you and without the industry coming together with a core belief in the power of digital and the benefit of an industry-wide approach.

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