Servy Platform

the servy platform

Our experience implementing self-service solutions across the globe gives us unparalleled insights into guest behavior. We use this knowledge to continuously improve the Servy platform and deliver a user experience that optimizes for guest satisfaction, operational efficiency and improved profitability.


We have integrations with point of sale, loyalty platforms and others. No need to change existing systems, we’ll take care of plugging right in.

Intelligent Upselling

Encourage impulse purchases and grow your average ticket through complete control of add-ons, promos and suggested items.

hands-on planning

Our partner success team will work through detailed use cases to determine the right system configuration and rollout plan.

secure + simple payments

We offer a variety of payment gateway options so you can confidently enable secure, PCI-compliant processing.

business insights

Access to business trends is at your fingertips giving you a more detailed understanding of your customers and their needs.

powerful training

Powered by the award-winning online training software Rise, our program combines in-person and virtual modules for effective and accessible training.

multi-language, multi-currency

Truly global means we can deploy our platform in any language and any currency.

user feedback

Leverage our agile A/B testing environment and immediate feedback loop to gain valuable guest feedback.

Global Support

Our team follows the sun, available through our support portal, live chat or emergency phone support line, we are there to help regardless of your time zone or the time of day.

content management in real-time

Enterprise access to each of your outlets in real-time is available through our proprietary system, The Hub. More than just a content management system, you have access to item details, inventory availability, pricing, promotions, and insights – without the complexity of other available systems.


We integrate with the best of the best in each industry that we touch, so we can give our partners flexibility to use their preferred technology.

Business insights at your fingertips

We provide partners an insights dashboard that gives an enterprise view of total orders, sales, average tickets, and much more. With drill down capability and flexibility to dive into details by day and outlet or look broadly across your system for long term trends. Your data is easily exported for integration into existing reporting systems, making analysis efficient.

“Our customers are happy and the staff appreciates the shift in direction. Our ticket averages have increased and our labor costs have been reduced. We now rely on Servy technology in all of our stores. It’s great to have them on the team!”

Terrance Harps

Global Concessions | President