Let guests order and pay how they want, from their own device, no app required.

Flexible Contactless Order and Pay Options

Each guest experience is different and Order@ allows elements of traditional dining service to be seamlessly integrated with technology.

contactless ordering and payment that’s available to any seat at any time, whether that be in a restaurant, at an airport gate or in a stadium seat.

Let guests order and pay as they go, open a tab and dine at their leisure or just scan and pay when they’re ready to leave.

Suggestive Selling

Increase average ticket value by offering recommendations and promoted items as add-on sales.

Maximize labor dollars

Find efficiency by reducing steps of service for your staff. Let them concentrate on hospitality and speed of service.

Hyper target

QR scan and/or NFC tap can be enabled for each and every seat you have, configure in the way that fits your business best.

Branded Design

Create a seamless experience by tailoring colors and photography to brand guidelines or use our API to completely customize the look and feel.

Order@ experiences

The Order@ solution gives you options to expand the reach of your Food and Beverage outlets.  Grow sales by capturing more orders in more places across your venue.  Think outside the traditional dining experience – the only limit to the possibilities is your imagination!

order@ table

Configurable for guests to browse menus, order, and pay on their own. 

order@ lounge

Deliver food and beverages to lounge areas in public or private areas of your venue.

order@ seat

Hyper-terget delivery by placing QR codes on armrests – perfect for stadiums and airports.

order@ curbside

Let your guests stay in their cars and place orders by scanning QR signage at each parking spot.

order@ beach

No one wants to leave their beach chair to search for food and drinks. Now they don’t have to!

A Better Guest Experience

Choose your own device

Guests can order from whatever device they prefer – phone, tablet or laptop. Without downloading an app.

Fully Contactless

No need for paper menus, check presenters or handing off a credit card, everything is handled through their own device.

No waiting

Eliminate reliance on a server and put the guest in charge so they can pay and leave when they’d like.

Beyond the Table

Hyper targeting each order location gives you the chance to deliver food and beverage to seats where it may not have been possible before.


We integrate with the best of the best in each industry that we touch, so we can give our partners flexibility to use their preferred technology.

“Servy’s technology frees our staff to focus on creating the safe and welcoming atmosphere for which LaTrelle’s owned and operated restaurants are known. Providing great hospitality, while simultaneously helping both guests and staff to remain safe is a major win for us.”

Chris James

LaTrelle’s | Business Development Director