Self-Service Kiosks

self-service kiosks

Shorten lines, increase sales, get orders right.

Visually Engaging + Flexible Solutions

Self-service kiosks provide an attractive touchpoint to draw in guests, while also helping increase operator efficiency.

easily configurable for single or multi-brand, self-order, self-checkout or any combination that fits your needs.

Multiple form factors let us match your space in the best way possible and the user experience is customized to match your brand for a seamless guest experience.

Fast Payments

Optimized for the fastest payment forms available on the market including Apple Pay / NFC.

Flexible Connections

Each installation is different. We are flexible and can connect through ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular.

POS Integrated

Keep back of house operations smooth and ensure orders are correct with POS integration.


Perfect for grab-n-go, save labor when guests self-checkout from scan to payment.

A Better Guest Experience

Less time in line

Strategically positioned kiosks help traffic flow within any space and ultimately let guests wait for their orders where they like rather than in line.

Engaging Design

A picture is worth a thousand words and our platform is built to highlight your products in a visually appealing way.

Intuitive Navigation

The Servy user experience has been fined-tuned by learning from millions of transactions. Choosing an outlet to order from, browsing the menu, ordering and payment all flow seamlessly for the guest.


Guests have the option to receive their receipt via email or text, eliminating unnecessary paper.


We integrate with the best of the best in each industry that we touch, so we can give our partners flexibility to use their preferred technology.

Kiosk Partners

We have long standing relationships with best-in-class kiosk providers and leave the selection of form factors and hardware to you.

Coates Group is redefining the way brands engage with their customers. For over 50 years, Coates has been driving constant innovation to some of the world’s largest QSR and Retail brands, delivering unrivaled merchandising solutions – indoor and outdoor digital hardware (including self-service kiosks), traditional signage, and a proprietary content management system. This is done with one goal in mind – to improve the customer journey
Pyramid Computer has been developing and producing IT solutions for network technology, security, industrial PCs, and industrial image processing since 1985. They develop and produce a wide range of self-service kiosk solutions for QSR, retail and entertainment. There is no space that Pyramid Computer does not occupy, most recently including the countertop Flex 21.5″ PayPod solution. Pyramid Computer is one of the largest suppliers of self-service kiosks, with over 40,000 deployments worldwide and they’re known for their highly integrated solutions while maintaining sleek, elegant, customizable designs.
Verifone is transforming everyday transactions into new and engaging opportunities for merchants and consumers. Powered by a growing footprint of more than 35 million devices in more than 150 countries, our people are trusted experts working with the world’s best-known retail brands, financial institutions and payment providers. Verifone is connecting more products to an integrated solutions platform to better meet the evolving needs of our clients and partners. Built on a 39-year history of uncompromised security, we are committed to consistently solving the most complex payment challenges.