strategic alliances

Collinson, the global leader in traveler experiences and loyalty, has formed strategic partnerships with Servy and other cutting-edge technology platforms serving the travel segment with the launch of the Collinson Airport Alliance in February 2020. The alliance brings together innovators and service providers across the airport ecosystem, including start-ups, scale-ups with established players –the Collinson Airport Alliance aims to kick-start a new era of integrated, seamless, more accessible airport experiences.

Through our relationship with Collinson, we bring unique access to traveler insights and global data on the passenger experience, retail performance drivers, and insights from 20+ million Priority Pass users, the world’s largest lounge benefit program with 1,300+ lounges across 148 countries. Our Grab platform is integrated into the Priority Pass app, enabling distribution to its 20+ million Priority Pass members worldwide.

Connecta is an integrated relationship management and e-commerce platform. Driving a better, more seamless experience for passengers and increased revenue performance for the Airport. Grab, powered by Servy, plays a critical role in connecting customers to airport restaurants and retailers by offering mobile ordering through the Connecta platform.