The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association presented its annual Elevate Awards during the ElevateICX Virtual Symposium last week on July 15, 2021.

The awards recognize innovation in digital signage, kiosk, mobile, omnichannel and emerging technologies.

We’re excited to share that two Servy partners took home 2021 ICX Association Elevate Awards.

Best Kiosk ICX – Coates K2 Kiosk for Red Rooster

The Coates K2 Kiosk for Red Rooster powered by Servy’s Kiosk Software won Best Kiosk ICX. “The Coates Group has done a magnificent job with its K2 Self-Order Kiosk. In one store, more than a third of in-store orders are being placed through the kiosk, significantly improving customer convenience and store efficiency, as well as providing an excellent promotional tool,” said Elliot Maras, editor of

Best Emerging Technology in ICX – United Airlines Agent on Demand

Our Grab Airport Marketplace strategic partner, United Airlines, won Best Emerging Technology in ICX for Agent on Demand. “Air travel today is more stressful than ever even as COVID-19 ebbs so any technology innovation that decreases the stress level and enhances a flier’s experience is wondrous. And on top of that the technology offers a strong ROI for the airline when it comes to building customer loyalty, positive social media reviews and forging a more engaged and responsive customer relationship,” said Judy Mottl, editor of Retail Customer Experience.

Kudos to our amazing partners on these awards and congratulations to all the ICX Elevate Award winners!

See full ICX Association Elevate Award winners here.

ICX Coates Best Kiosk
Best Emerging Technology in ICX